How do I sign in?

To sign into your CAC’s individual site visit the URL provided to you (yourcac.caccarenet.com) and type in the login information!


What platform does CAC CareNet run on?

CAC CareNet runs on all major platforms and devices. Delivering the ease that your CAC needs on a desktop, tablet and phone, running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android

What browser does CAC CareNet run on?

CareNet runs on all browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera)

Can more than one person be logged into the system at one time?

Yes, multiple people can be logged in under one profile across multiple devices.

Do you offer migration from other systems? i.e. NCATrak, Excel, Apricot, etc.

Yes, we offer custom migration from NCATrak, Excel, Apricot and others into the CAC CareNet software.

Will it work on a Mac too?

Yes, CAC CareNet works on multiple operating systems including Mac.

Can we limit access in the system, so different staff members can see what they should and need and not what they don’t?

Yes, you can set up custom permissions within in the system to limit access by certain users within your CAC.

Can more than one person be in the same Client file at one time?

Yes, multiple users can view and edit the client file at the same time.

Can more than one person be an admin?

Yes, more than one person can designated as an admin within the system.

What does your price include? Is there a monthly or annual cost?

The price includes our setup cost for your CAC then after there is a recurring monthly charge.

Do you charge for extra users to the system?

No, once the system is setup your CAC can add as many users into the system as necessary.

Do you offer anything for documenting medical information?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive option for documenting medical information under the ‘Medical’ tab in a client profile. From there you can document Hx, exams, and recommendations.

Do you have anything for tracking or documenting Therapy/Mental Health?

Yes, CAC CareNet offers options for documenting both therapy and mental health.

How long does it take to get set up and going?

Depending on the size of your CAC, amount of clients, forms, and current system it could take as little as 1 week to get everything set up.

Is there a limit to how many people can be logged in?

No, there is not a limit to the amount of users that can be logged in at one time.